Humble Herm

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Don your sturdiest walking shoes and take the coastal path around the entire coastline.

Covering the short distance of 3 and a half miles long and just half a mile wide, Herm is one the best attractions of the Channel Islands, and makes for a popular day trip from Guernsey, but it is also an ideal place for a short break.

If you do choose to stay on the island the range of accommodation is impressive considering its size. Stay in the island’s only hotel, The White House Hotel, for the ultimate relaxing experience; without a clock or television in sight, guests are invited to take some time out from the real world. Alternatively, there are self catering cottages and campsites boasting stunning views of the French coast for visitors to stay in.

Shell BeachShell Beach

Herm definitely has that magnetic quality. Day-trippers– both Guernsey residents and visitors alike – flock back time and again to the island throughout the season. But the real magic can be found with an extended stay.  When the last ferry retreats to Guernsey at 5.30 and the evening begins the island provides the perfect backdrop for dinner in one of Herm’s fabulous restaurants.

Despite lacking in size, Herm is home to several restaurants and cafes which serve up an excellent variety of food. From sandwiches to formal silver service dinners this island fulfils all culinary needs.  Wine tasting is a popular activity for visitors to the island and the White House Hotel hosts several weekends to showcase its extensive wine list.

Mouisonneire beachMouisonneire beach

The emphasis may be on relaxing but there are still several activities to get stuck in to.  Don your sturdiest walking shoes and take the coastal path around the entire coastline. The coastal walk includes some of the most popular, and beautiful, beaches on the island. Mouisonneire beach and Shell beach are well worth a visit; with little more than seabirds for company the beaches provide a great environment for a stroll. 

The walk then takes you along the east coast to the cliff path at the southern edge of the island – nothing too difficult but slightly steeper in parts – and after about two hours, depending on just how leisurely you take it, the walk is complete. Back in the village reward yourself with a drink in the Mermaid, Herm’s traditional fisherman’s pub which is a firm favourite with both visitors and the 60 odd residents. With a pretty courtyard and a wide selection of food and snacks the Mermaid is the social hub of the island.

Herm IslandHerm Island

For the active among us there is a great deal of exploring to be done. With a plethora of wild flowers and birds on the island it is an ideal spot for the keen bird spotter and beginners alike as there is a lot to be seen, from guillemots to colourful puffins. Rib rides are also available to see the offshore nesting sites on the rocky outcrops and with this comes the opportunity to spot a seal or two.

The perfect mix of activity and relaxation, Herm is the ideal island to escape to. With beaches and clear blue sea to rival the Mediterranean, even if the water is slightly chillier, Herm is Guernsey’s very own island paradise.