Practical Information


For any further information you may require during your stay in Guernsey please contact the Guernsey Information Office (see map for location) on +44(0)1481 723352.


Sterling is the major currency of Guernsey, which has its own notes and coins. UK currency can also be used within the islands but Channel Islands currency will not be accepted in the UK.

All the major UK clearing banks are well represented on Guernsey and you will find plenty of cashpoint/ATM machines throughout the island.

Major credit cards are widely accepted throughout the islands. 

There is NO VAT on goods and items sold in Guernsey.


Guernsey  has its own Post Office and stamps.

The main post office is located just outside St Peter Port. (see map for details).

There is also a post office located in Smith Street in the town of St Peter Port.

Guernsey postage stamps must be used on all outgoing mail but they cannot be used for sending mail to the island from destinations outside the Bailiwick of Guernsey.


VIsitors are allowed to take the following:

200 cigarettes or 100 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco.

1 litre of alcoholic drink if over 22% or 2 litres if below.

4 litres of still wine.

50 litres of beer or cider.

People under the age of 17 cannot avail of the tobacco or alcohol allowance.


If brought in from a place within the EU and if all duties have been paid, goods to an unlimited value.

If brought in from a place outside the EU restrictions are as follows:

  • If travelling on a commercial air or sea service, goods to the value of £390
  • If travelling by private aircraft or private vessel, goods to the value of £270
  • If goods are over the monetary limit, you will be required to pay duty on the full value


Health care is provided by the Health and Social Services Department and private general practitioners and is outside the UK National Health Service.

All patients are required to pay for treatment provided within primary care, which may be at a surgery, at an island residence or at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital (including the Accident and Emergency Department).

Medical Insurance is highly recommended.

For further information please contact the Health and Social Services Department on +44(0) 1481 725241 (extension 4544 or 4711).


In case of emergency dial 112 or 999 for police assistance, ambulance or the fire service. Both numbers are free to dial. 


The code for Guernsey is 01481 from the UK and +44 1481 internationally. Mobile networks require a roaming facility plus dialling codes. 

Guernsey has 3 telecoms providers, all of which have retail outlets in the High Street, St Peter Port:

Sure Cable & Wireless:


Wave Telecom:


The blue parking card follows a standard design which has been introduced across the EU as well as in Guernsey.

Under a reciprocal agreement, disabled visitors are entitled to local disabled parking concessions when they bring their badges to the island.

Guernsey's buses are designed to carry disabled passengers as long as the combined weight of the wheelchair and occupant does not exceed 300kg and the wheelchair width is under 75cm in width.

The RADAR National Key Scheme operates in Guernsey and visitors are advised to bring their own although they are available for purchase or on loan from the Information Centre.

Health care equipment is also available for hire from the Healthcare Equipment Centre on +44(0)1481 729268.

For a copy of the Access Guide or for  further information on any of the above please contact the Guernsey Information Centre on +44(0)1481 723352.



Public holidays are the same as the UK with the addition of Liberation Day on 9 May.



Public Holidays in England and Wales in 2012
 New Year's Day Holiday  January 2
 Good Friday  April 6
 Easter Monday  April 9
 Early May Bank Holiday   May 7
 Spring Bank Holiday  June 4
 Diamond Jubilee Holiday   June 5
 Summer Bank Holiday  August 27
 Christmas Day  December 25
 Boxing Day  December 26 



If you are arriving in the Channel Islands direct from the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland, you do not need a passport but you will require some form of photographic identification.

If you are arriving in the island from outside the United Kingdom or Repubic of Ireland, irrespective of your nationality, you must have a valid passport or travel document - European and Swiss nationals may use their national identity cards.

Non-British/European Union nationals travelling to the Channel Islands from outside the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland should check whether they require a visa. If a visa is required it must be obtained prior to travel from a British Consulate or British High Commission in their usual country of residence.

For further details on immigration, please contact the Guernsey Customs and Immigration Office on: +44(0) 1481 741420 or email: