10 Best Things to Do

Whatever the season, whatever the weather, there are hundreds of great ways to have fun in and around Guernsey. Plenty of things to do for adventure seekers, for pleasure seekers, for those who just want to escape the rush of the outside world and things for anyone wanting to experience the best of the island’s unique culture and character. With Guernsey’s broad appeal in mind, this is a selection of some of the best things to do in order to make your visit to the island a truly unforgettable one. 

Experience the wonderful marine wildlife of Guernsey and its neighbouring islands with an exhilarating voyage on board a fast rigid inflatable boat, courtesy of Island RIB Voyages. Starting from St Peter Port Harbour, your voyage of discovery will provide an amazing close up perspective of a unique coastal environment.  
With its 10-metre tidal range and constantly changing character, Guernsey’s amazing coastline makes a superb location for activities like kayaking and coasteering. The popularity of these activities for the adventurous has soared in recent years and specialist local companies can supply all the equipment and expertise you will need for a day’s kayaking or a guide led swimming and rock scrambling expedition.
Guernsey’s unspoiled sandy beaches provide the perfect setting for a relaxing day out with family or friends. Build sandcastles and go paddling with the children or enjoy a spot of sunbathing with a good book to read. Finish off your relaxing day like the locals do with a barbecue on the beach or a fish and chip supper on the sea wall as the sun goes down.
The views from the cliff tops that define Guernsey’s rugged southern coastline are simply breathtaking. The scenery changes spectacularly around every corner and a superb network of paths means you can walk the whole way, discovering hidden coves, wooded valleys and superb sea views.  
Guernsey’s west coast is where you will find generations of local surfers and sailboard enthusiasts in action and if you want to join them as they ride the waves you will soon find out why the island is such a great little surfing destination. A dedicated surf school is based at Guernsey’s biggest and best known surfing bay, Vazon.
Going on a boat trip is one thing but there is nothing like chartering your own vessel for a day or two, especially for a trip of your choosing off Guernsey. Services are provided by a number of private boat skippers, some of them keen anglers who will take you to the very best waters for a day’s fishing, and others expert sailors who will transport you by  yacht to wherever takes your fancy.   
These smaller islands are tantalisingly close to Guernsey and a day trip to either of them is like going to a different world where the hum of traffic does not exist and the pace of life slows right down. Just half an hour away by Trident ferry, Herm is a gem of an island with golden sandy beaches and a paradise atmosphere. The enchanting island of Sark takes about 50 minutes to reach and feels almost untouched by the modern world.
The secluded campsite on the tiny, tranquil island of Herm is one of most idyllic in Europe with stunning views across cliffs and fields. The site is especially geared towards families and is safe enough to allow your children to roam freely. You can bring your own camping equipment and pitch up or you can hire one of the site's excellently equipped tents.
Eating out is almost a national pastime in Guernsey and it is no wonder when you consider the extraordinary number of restaurants, cafes, bistros, brasseries and gastro pubs offering quality plates of food at affordable prices. But dining out on the island is also about enjoying a meal served in convivial surroundings in the company of a loved one or a group of friends.
A Guernsey cream tea is almost an institution for islanders. Just pop into one of the island's friendly tearooms or cafes and indulge in home made scones with jam and double cream or a thick slice of Guernsey gache, the island's traditional fruit cake, liberally spread with the rich local butter.