Rural Interior

Characterised by narrow country lanes, hedgerows bursting with wildlife, beautifully kept private gardens, ancient granite farmhouses and Guernsey's renowned dairy cows grazing peacefully in pocket sized fields, the rural heart of the island is almost within touching distance of the dramatic shoreline and yet it is entering a completely different world.

Guernsey's amazing countryside is best appreciated by foot, by bicycle or on horseback and many of the tiniest and prettiest lanes are designated as tranquil roadways where pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders are given priority over motorised traffic. There are steep little valleys, a large inland reservoir with a wonderful nature walk to discover and the splendid Saumarez Park, which is the home of the National Trust's Guernsey Folk and Costume museum as well as the setting for the island's famous Battle of Flowers event every August.

While the island's rural interior is limited in area, negotiating your way through all of its tiny paths and lanes can be like finding your way through a large natural maze. However, when you do lose your way you will soon find yourself back in a familiar spot - or you will come across a delightful tearoom, restaurant or country pub where the locals will happily put you back on the right road.

The island's country parishes are packed with unique local attractions like the German war tunnels and museums that are filled with military hardware from World War Two; the world's smallest chapel, The Little Chapel, which is adorned exquisitely with seashells and pottery pieces; an old windmill lovingly converted into a jeweller's studio and showroom, and Guernsey's only stately home, Saumarez Manor, with its intriguing sculpture park and subtropical gardens.

In several country locations there are regular farmers' markets where the full range of the island's fresh produce is on sale, while almost anywhere outside the Town you might chance upon one of Guernsey's iconic "hedge veg" roadside stalls with their home made "honesty boxes" serving as cash tills (providing you have the right change!). Delve gently into Guernsey's rural heart and there is always a surprise in store.