Region Overview

Renowned for its stunning natural beauty, its warm weather and its world-famous dairy produce, Guernsey is a perfect little gem of an island sparkling in the clear blue sea between France and England.  The capital St Peter Port, with its deep natural harbour, pretty waterfront and quaint buildings, is one of the most picturesque ports in Europe, easy to reach by ferry and a top destination for the yachting fraternity, while for high fliers the island is a mere 40 minute "hop" from London's main airports. 

Guernsey is also a gourmet's delight, with superb restaurants and a sophisticated dining scene. It Is also an ideal place to get away from it all - whether you are taking a cliff top walk, relaxing on one of the many golden sandy beaches, enjoying a beach BBQ with friends, surfing the west coast waves or going on a fishing expedition. Guernsey's 62,000 population are very proud of their British ties but fully embrace the continental influences of dining alfresco and enjoy a very chilled yet buzzing cafe culture. Guernsey is a nature lover's delight with a deserved reputation as a floral paradise.



The benign climate means fresh local food, including home produced fruit and vegetables, sumptuous seafood dishes and delicious milk from the iconic Guernsey cows, is never off the menu. The economy is driven by a world-class international finance industry that makes Guernsey a cosmopolitan place to visit, especially for a tax free shopping trip, and it also offers a host of traditional delights like the regular farmers markets and country showsMeanwhile, its rich history has left Guernsey with a fascinating legacy of ancient dolmens, medieval castles and German war tunnels to explore.

Quite simply, Guernsey's appeal is an extensive one - from leisure and pleasure lovers to adventure seekers, and anyone wanting to escape the rigours of the outside world - Guernsey has it covered.